we are sourcing high quality turmeric products from our suppliers those who are using state of art testing technologies. we specilise in the variety of products of the highest order at an affordable cost. our aim is to keep walking on the road with success by delivering superior quality products and excellent services to our valuable customer through our sincere customer services.


Red chilli is a spice that is used as an indispensable ingredient in the Indian cuisine. Available in the original form, the premium quality red chilly offered by us is of dark red color and is suitable for preparation and seasoning of dishes. We offer these red chillies in moisture proof packaging.


Tamarind is absolutely the fruit pod produced via tall, semi-evergreen tree grown in general in India. The beans and pulp in the pod are really no odor, but is has an exceedingly sour flavor. Tamarind is available in complete pods, a compressed block, paste or concentrates and is most in all likelihood to be discovered in Asian markets.